Why choose stainless steel pipes?

We list four reasons that make stainless steel pipe an excellent choice. Check out:



The components of the stainless steel tubes mean that they do not require much maintenance and make installation easier.



Stainless steel pipes have different alloys, standards and types, each with its own characteristics, meeting the needs of your industry in the best way.



Stainless steel pipes can be used in industries of all segments.



In addition to all the benefits of this material, stainless steel pipes are also sustainable because they are 100% recyclable.


We would like to remind you to be careful in choosing who will install these stainless steel pipes in your industrial projects because, if not done correctly, it can compromise their functionality and strength, leaving the overall project susceptible to an accident. .


Wenzhou Changyi Stainless Steel Co., Ltd works with stainless steel pipes in alloys AISI304, 304L, 316, 316L, standards A554, A249, A269, A270, A312, A268, A778; and types schedule pattern with or seamless, OD pattern with seam - round, polished and pickled, square and rectangular. Contact us to request your quote and we will find the best solutions for your industry.




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